Quotables Part 1


I have a notebook I have named Quotables. I started it when Sasquatch was about 2. Being such a verbal kid she was saying hilarious things that I didn’t want to forget. I am including my favorites here. I’ll add to it occasionally when I have time. I’ve included the age at the end of each quote to help put them in context.

  • For the third day in a row we find stuffed animals in our shower. Sasquatch looks at them and says “gonna take a shower” (2 years)
  • While I made sandwiches, Sasquatch spun in a circle until she crashed into the cupboards. She got up and started twirling again. But after a second she stopped, said “that’s enough” and sat down. (2 years)
  • Sasquatch counting chips with Sir Smiley, “1, 2, 3, 4. Yay! 2 chips! (2 years)
  • “She’s taking a bath” says Sasquatch to her last cheerio floating in milk. (2 years)
  • “It’s Jesus!” says Sasquatch pointing at a picture of Kevin Garnett on a Wheaties box. (2 years)
  • After straining and grunting on the toilet, Sasquatch looks at me and solemnly tells me, “It’s too hard!” (2 years)
  • While grocery shopping Sasquatch goes up to some cucumbers, fondles them while saying, “Oooooooo, that’s nice!” (2 years)
  • Me, “It’s hot outside!”. Sasquatch “Better blow on it Mommy!” (2 years)
  • Sasquatch, “What’s that?”. Me, “That’s a pear.”. Sasquatch, “Oh, a carrot!” (2.5 years)
  • We meet my parents at a restaurant. Sasquatch walks up to them, gestures to me and says, “This is my mom.” (3 years)
  • Me to Sir Smiley, “He was a tough nut to crack!”. Sasquatch, “No to crack!” (3 years)
  • Sasquatch has her dolls lined up facing the wall. I ask her what they’re doing and she says, “They’re crying. They’re naughty.”. (3 years)
  • While I am trying to talk to Sir Smiley, Sasquatch is running around “singing” at the top of her lungs. I tell her she needs to sing quietly. She looks at me with a stern look and says, “I’m talking to God!”. Then she keeps singing loudly as she walks out the room. (3.5)
  • First time working on verses for Cubbies: Me, “Can you say ‘God loved us?'”Sasquatch, “Nope, he doesn’t”Me, “God loved us.”Sasquatch, “Yeah he does!”Me, “Can you say ‘Sent his son?'”Sasquatch, “That would be fun! Daddy, do you want to go to the sun?”Me, “Can you say ‘God loved us?'”Sasquatch, “I just want to go to the Y”. (3.5)
  • Sasquatch, “Mommy, there was a booger coming it my nose but I put it back in” (4 years)
  • Sasquatch, “My baby giraffe is obstructed” (4 years)
  • Sir Smiley, “What kind of money is that over there?”. Sasquatch, “quarters and diamonds!” (4 years)
  • Sir Smiley, “Can you say ‘done’?”. Urpling, “go!” (2 years)
  • Sasquatch sings the itsy bitsy spider. After she finishes she yells “Amen!” (4 years)

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