A tide of diapers is stemmed


Yesterday afternoon Sir Smiley was headed off to donate blood.  On the way there he saw a guy pushing a shopping cart filled with Tide and diapers.  Odd as this was, he also kept peering behind him as he walked. “Hmmmm” thought Sir Smiley, “this doesn’t look suspicious at all.”  Sure enough, a grocery store manager comes jogging down the road while frantically talking on his cell phone.  Sir Smiley pulls up to the manager and asks him if the guy with the cart had stolen from them.  Sure enough, he had.  So Sir Smiley whips a u-ey and catches up to shopping cart dude.  Sir Smiley leaps out of the car, whips out his badge and yells, “Get down on the ground!”. But of course instead of complying, shopping cart dude ditches the goods and takes off running yelling “I didn’t do anything!” over and over again.  So Sir Smiley leaves his car in the lane of traffic and starts chasing him.  Shopping cart dude uses the brilliant strategy of weaving in and out of traffic on foot to avoid capture.  He ran to the median and as he gets there another man runs from behind Sir Smiley and…..BAM…..tackles shopping cart dude.  He gets shopping cart dude in some kind of marshal arts hold.  Sir Smiley helped grab his arms and discovers marshal arts dude is a cop from the same department.   Finally a third vehicle stopped so Sir Smiley flashed his badge and then realized this third dude was also a cop from his department.  The local department (as they were in a different department’s jurisdiction) shows up and arrests shopping cart dude and Sir Smiley heads back to his car, only to realize his car is no longer there.  He starts walking back but a fourth guy came up and gave Sir Smiley his keys back.  Apparently this good Samaritan had moved Sir Smiley’s car out of the lane of traffic for him.  His good deed done, Sir Smiley continues on his way to donate blood.


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