The Ever Elusive Nap


Last night Sir Smiley and I decided to watch a movie together once the kids were in bed.  (Real Steel, which was a very entertaining movie by the way) I was exhausted, but Sir Smiley and I hadn’t had much alone time together so I wanted to carpe diem.  (that’s right, I threw some Latin at you)  I was thinking, “I’ll just take a nap tomorrow”.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  A nap?  Temporary insanity is all I can say to that.  Enter today and my “nap”. I put both girls down for their naps.  Then I turn to King Toot.  He wanted none of that.  I tried rocking him.  I tried playing with him.  He looked tired, acted tired, rubbed his eyes, but did not want to miss a thing.  I finally bounce him to sleep and then tip toe to my bed.  Then comes Sasquatch from the bathroom, “Mommy!”. “Mommy, I pooped!  Can you come wipe me?!”. *sigh. So off I go to help my oldest daughter clean herself.  Then back to bed.  Then a telemarketer calls.  If they had been physically in the room with me, a gruesome scene would have occurred because King Toot added to the rings with his own sounds… mainly crying and yelling.  So back to square one.  I finally manage to get him back to sleep, but again, he only sleeps for about 15 minutes. I start to give up hope as I go to get him.  But as I walk into view, he falls back asleep. Of course.  Hope, the torturer of all mothers, sprang back to life as I headed back to bed.  Only to be brutally killed by the sound of Urpling’s door opening.  She comes out of the room well rested and ready to play.   End scene.


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