The Wicked Witch of the West


Ever have one of those days? It all starts after church (doesn’t it always?). It seems Satan wants to erase any smidgen of what you learned that day as fast as he can. Going anywhere with three kids is tiring, and church is no exception. When we get home I just want to get everyone fed, Sir Smiley out the door, and then have a few moments of quiet. But that’s not what happens. It all starts with King Toot. The day has gone well, church was great, chatted with friends, and lunch was underway. I was mildly annoyed with massive amount of urp he was slowly spewing down his shirt and pants. Nothing too bad though, I would just change his outfit when I change his diaper. But then King Toot decides he’s hungry…..NOW! (He has impeccable timing…as always). So I frantically try to finish packing lunch and dinner for Sir Smiley and get the girls seated with their lunch. Needless to say this is not the relaxing experience I was needing. I get everything done and sit down to feed King Toot while the girls eat. I tried to grab a moment of calm as they all eat, but instead I went from annoyed to frustrated as Sasquatch spilled her milk all over the table I had just carefully cleaned. I knew in the back of my head that it was an accident and not her fault, but it took a lot of praying to keep my cool as I put King Toot down (who was not happy to have his meal interrupted) and clean up the spill. After I finish and resume feeding King Toot, Urpling managed to stick her sleeve in her applesauce…all the way into her bowl I might add. This was quite the feat as I had rolled her sleeves up almost to her armpit. I’m still not sure how she managed it. She then tries to wipe it off but gets it all over her face, tray and hair. Again, I know it is an accident and that she really was trying to help but that was starting to matter less and less as my mood worsened. I put King Toot down again and clean up Urpling while listening to King Toot scream his displeasure at me for being interrupted. Finally, all the kids are fed. I put King Toot down and bring Urpling to the bathroom to try and go potty. Much to my delight she does and earns a sticker. While this goes on I hear a thud. My excitement at the successful potty time was killed by the discovery that Sasquatch had been spinning with the laundry basket only to lose control and have it hit the wall leaving a big dent. Great. I go to put Urpling to bed only to discover that in the five minutes since we had been to the potty she had managed to poop a massive poop that filled her diaper and then some. So another outfit change later and I have her in bed. I change King Toot out of his urp soaked outfit only to have the next outfit dirtied by a massive poop of his own. By the end of all this, I had yelled at all of my kids several times. The sad part is, that while it had been a difficult afternoon, none of them had been naughty. It was a series of unfortunate events but unfortunately my kids took the brunt of my resulting bad mood. The wicked witch of the west had come out and she’s a hard one to get rid of when she comes to visit. The inevitable visitor that comes after the witch is guilt. A few minutes of prayer later and I managed to calm down enough to go an apologize to each of my kids before they settled down for their naps. I may not be able to reverse time and improve my attitude, but I can at least admit to my kids when I was wrong. Now to go rest a bit myself in the hopes of finishing the day better than our afternoon went.


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