Are You Happy?


Sasquatch comes up to me often and tells me she loves me and every single time she follows with the question, “Are you happy?” This is super-adorable except those times she asks me and I’m really NOT happy. Not wanting to lie I usually launch into an explanation about why I’m not exactly happy. I found the question mildly irritating at those times, but I have come to notice something: she pays careful attention to my answers. She is truly interested in how I’m feeling. It got me thinking about my own conversations with others. What a simple direct question that cuts right to the root of someone’s life. We usually ask each other, “How are you doing?” and usually get a fairly generic response (I’m fine, I’m good, I’m tired). But to ask someone if they’re happy has one of two answers, that will inevitably be followed by a why or why not. Not only is it a great question, but how often do we actually listen to the other person’s answer? Talk about convicting. So, are you happy?


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