Oh, that’s right…


So I decided to cook Sir Smiley his favorite meal for his birthday.  This meal is a homemade chicken pot pie.  I almost never make this meal even though it is delicious because much of it is made from scratch, including the crust.  But after a while I start to wonder why I haven’t made it in so long.  First is the grocery trip with three kids in tow.  It is rather uneventful until the can of chicken broth Urpling was in charge of carrying needs to be rung up.  I take it from her and a meltdown ensues.  Fast forward through 3 painfully slow minutes and I have her calm enough where I at least no longer want to melt into the floor.  As for the actual preparation of the chicken pot pie, it includes the dicing of an onion, simmering of flour and butter, and the boiling of chicken broth and milk.  So tell me, how many of those activities are kid friendly? Yeah, that’s right.  None.  Urpling has discovered the joys of retrieving her stool from the bathroom sink area and bringing it out to the kitchen to give her a better vantage point to reach everything on the counters…and stove.  So in she comes carrying her stool.  The flour and butter are on the back burners (this isn’t my first day on the farm, so to speak) so she can’t reach them.  So she “helps” stir the flour and salt for the crust together.  Flour everywhere.  (which did come in handy when it came to rolling the crust out). Then comes dicing the onions.  Those little two and a half year old fingers were everywhere!  I finally chased her away and banned her from the stool so I could cut up the onions with as little bloodshed as possible.  So she finds Sir Smiley’s empty shoe box.  Apparently this looks like it will make a good bed.  It rips open when she ties to get in it and she then manages to rip apart several other pieces and scatter them all over the floor.  A slippery obstacle course to navigate while carrying boiling liquids and knives.  Excellent.  (see Exhibit A) Then she leaves and comes back with a tutu she wants to wear. I put it on her and go back to boiling and dicing. She then starts twirling and crashing and crying.   So she removes the tutu and adds it to the obstacle course.  I finally have everything finished and then have to somehow open the oven door, put in the heavy pot pie, and keep Urpling away from the scalding hot stove door and racks all at the same time.  But luckily I accomplished it all with no injuries.  Everyone loved it, even the kids.  Successful dinner.  (see Exhibit B) But it reminds me, why haven’t I made this in so long? Oh, that’s right…

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


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