Expectations are the 99%


Being a mom of three has created a tendency to over-plan…excessively.  This has taught me one thing, expectations are the cause of 99% of my frustrations and disappointments.  (It really has taught me many things, but this is the biggest one) The reasons behind my over planning are good, I want to keep the house running smoothly while still setting aside time for God, my hubby and kids.  (and time for myself to have a moment to breathe.) The downfall…things almost never go according to plan, which leads to frustration and disappointment. Yesterday was a perfect example of this.  As usual, I had mapped out my day.  The plan was first to go to the Y to swim laps.  Sir Smiley thinks working out is even sexier than wearing makeup, and it’s amazing the lengths I’ll go to avoid putting makeup on in the mornings.  I brought Sasquatch and Urpling with me and left King Toot behind since he was napping.  After swimming, the plan was to go grocery shopping with only two kids, head home for lunch and then have nap time for the two girls.  I was hoping to actually get some chores done while they sleep like cleaning the kitchen, making homemade chicken pot pie (see yesterday’s post), and giving the dogs and King Toot a bath.  Then have dinner as a family and take the girls to the park before putting them to bed.  Reality hit after errand number one. Made it to the Y, but when I came out I discovered one of the tires was almost flat. Quickly I rearrange my day, so I could quick stop at the tire store to have it filled back up.  But it’s never that easy.  Long story shorter, the whole sidewall of the tire was ripped up, and the front two tires were in pretty bad shape as well.  So an hour in the lobby while Sir Smiley dug up the warranty information and decided what to do was how I spent the first part of my afternoon.  My frustrations were growing exponentially as I realized that had things gone to plan I would already have all our groceries and would be eating lunch with the kids right now, and as I watched my freshly bathed girls entertain themselves by crawling and rolling around on the filthy floor and play with display tires and mutilate the poor mechanics’ blinds.  Finally Sir Smiley shows, orders new tires and we all pile into his little car to go home.  So now I have to quick throw lunch together with dwindling supplies (since I didn’t make it to the grocery store) put the girls down for a nap and make dinner.  We still had dinner, and I still made it to the park to pass out water with my girls.  But we ran out of milk the next morning and King Toot is smelling a little off (I won’t even mention how dirty the dogs still are). But looking back, they most exasperating thing of all is my inability to just go with the flow when things don’t work out.  Instead of playing with the girls, laughing about the craziness of life, and accepting what I can’t change; I was a complete crank the rest of the day.   *sigh  Well, today is a new day.  (I did make it to the grocery store today, in a van with new tires!)


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