Letter to a Skeptic


Sir Smiley went on a call where a man said someone was trying to kill him.  When Sir Smiley arrived on scene the man handed him a letter to explain the situation.  This is what the letter said, (I tried just scanning it to save myself some time, but it’s written in pencil and our scanner won’t pick it up.  I have also included all spelling and grammar mistakes)

“in 1956 the production of the movie “The Good Ship Lolypop” was made with two girls, my twinn & little sister and one boy, who swore to kill me.  he had several names, Pete Douglas, Pete Attkinsin, Pete Wilson, & also my name Steve Meyer which he spoke on the stage “my name is steve Meyer.  And so from 1956 until 1971 he used the finance money & his companies paycheck from carpentry company “Shuck & Sons which h would make plans with other people our age in plans to kill me and make it appear l like an accident and in 1971 Aug 21st on Hwy I-5 about 4:00 or 4:30 calif. He and two other boys ran me off the road doing about 80 mph I was thrown from my car, then was 1/2 decapatated, and my right arm was completely torn off, I spent many hours on the operating table and hade a flat line on the medical screen, which menns I was DEAD which makes his crime 1st Degree premeditated murder which has not statuet of limitations This person’s body chemistry & my body chimistry are mixed with each other, and I have come close to commiting suicide many times threw the years since then because of his mind capacity, caused by a glass nikle in his neck which was placed there by a doctor in 1956, for the lie he spoke on stage about his name being me,

P.S if you need more explanation I will do my part.”

Then he signed it and put his thumbprint and address on it.  Then at the very bottom he wrote:

“Murder is NOT good”


2 thoughts on “Letter to a Skeptic

  1. Baahahahahahahahaaa!!!! This is hilarious, the signature at the bottom kills me. I especially love the fact that a glass “nikle” was placed in his neck for the lie he spoke on stage. Makes total sense.

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