Home Alone…not so much


One thing I was not prepared for when we became parents was the impossibility to have time alone with my hubby.  Sure you can have time together, but it is rarely deep, quality time. No more hanky panky whenever you feel like it, you must plan for every contingency before even attempting “mommy and daddy time”.  Even just time to sit and talk without interruption is difficult. Today was no exception.  I came home exhausted from bible study after a long week of no sleep due to teething and the stomach flu (my kids, not me).  I was going to head to bed as Sir Smiley had the day off and told me to go to bed.  But first we thought we’d try to sneak in some time together.  First we here Sasquatch calling from the other room, “(King Toot) has a burger!”. “Huh?”. “It came out of his nose!”. So off goes Sir Smiley to check and as he is heading out of the room we here her yell,”He just urped!”. Sir Smiley cleans him up and comes back in.  Urpling follows him in.  Now, Urpling’s favorite activity is to go around collecting various objects she knows belongs to mommy or daddy and bring them to us.  Today she found my iPod, glasses, Sir Smiley’s watch, and my water bottle.  She would hand them to us saying “Mommy’s” or “Daddy’s” with the appropriate item.  After that she found Sir Smiley’s leg and started climbing and bouncing on it.  Then Sasquatch starts calling for Sir Smiley from the other room, asking for a hug.  Finally, King Toot got mad and that was that.  Oh well, there’s always bedtime.


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