Sick House


My tolerance of gross things is pretty high, and has become even higher since I had kids. Spit up, poop, pee, snot, not much phases me. But I absolutely cannot stand vomit! Especially amongst toddlers and babies. The smell, sight, and sound of someone puking makes me come close to tossing my cookies as well. So far i have been blessed by the fact that my kids almost never throw up. I think God knew how psychologically scarring that would be for my kids if they did because I don’t handle it well. But unfortunately we have had a rough week with regards to puking. My oldest has at least reached the age where she at least makes it to the toilet, but not the other two. Luckily King Toot has not been hit, but the other two were not so fortunate. Here are some things I’ve learned from my experiences this week:

  • It always seems to hit in the middle of the night. Not during the day when you’re awake and more coherent. When you don’t mind sitting for hours by the toilet rubbing your kids back. It hits when you’re tired and you feel guilty because you know you’re kid is miserable, but you keep calculating in the back of your head how much sleep you’re missing out on.
  • Even if they go to sleep, you don’t. It’s like fight or flight kicks in. You’re tensed, ready for the slightest cough or cry that will indicate the puking is about to start up again. I must have gotten up 15 times because I was sure I heard something only to find them sleeping.
  • The one time you don’t go check is when it hits. You finally fall asleep only to wake up to screaming and puke everywhere. Then you have more guilt as you realize you want to yell at a poor, sick two year old for not making it to the toilet. As if she’s not already miserable.
  • As much as I hate to puke myself, I would gladly take it on instead of watching my poor kids suffer. It’s a million times more miserable to watch my little babies be so miserable and helpless than to be sick myself.
  • I have never felt more helpless than when my kids ave the stomach flu. Poor little Urpling stood there by the toilet shivering and sobbing and there wasn’t anything I could do to help except hold her hair back and rub her back as she puked. At least with colds I can give them medicine, water, chicken noodle soup, and other things to help them feel better. With the stomach flu basically you just have to wait it out and pray.

So waiting and praying is what I’m doing as my little one finally has fallen asleep. I’m just thankful Sir Smiley was here to help and will be here tomorrow.


One thought on “Sick House

  1. Mom

    My poor babies! I can relate. I remember some awful nights with you and your sister. So glad everyone is finally better. God’s merciful hand of healing at last!

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