Tag, you’re it!


Here is a story from Sasquatch was a baby and our only child.  We had just come home from Bible study and as we were unloading Sasquatch, Sir Smiley heard talking.  I paid it no attention but apparently his Spidey senses were tingling. So while I headed inside, he went around the corner to investigate. One of our dogs stayed with me, but the other followed Sir Smiley.  As he rounded the corner he spotted two teenage girls starting to tag our house with spray paint.  They bolted and he chased one of them down the street, our dog happily running with them. He caught her by the jacket but she slipped out and kept running.  He lost his balance from her escape and fell, scraping up his hands.  He kept chasing her, all the way to her house.  Of course when she got there, all her family sees is the 15 year old being chased by some man who is bleeding.  Three very large men greet him at the door, but before they say anything he whipped out his badge.  They paused and Sir Smiley said, “She was tagging my house!  I won’t call the police or press charges if comes to clean it up.”. Then from the background he heard a voice yell at the girl, “You done tagged the POH-lice?!”. (My favorite part being that they weren’t upset that she was tagging up the neighborhood, but that she was dumb enough to tag the police officer of the neighborhood.). So he led the way back to our house. I, of course, was completely oblivious to all this.  I got Sasquatch inside only to discover Sir Smiley and one of our dogs was missing.  He came bursting in, bleeding, asking for a bucket of soapy water and sponges.  The girl and her mother cleaned our wall and from that day on our house didn’t get tagged.


One thought on “Tag, you’re it!

  1. Carol Pickens

    I love this story – it makes me smile every time! Of course, if it were my kid cleaning it off your house is not where it would stop. They would be volunTOLD to do community service nights and weekends for at least 2 months. But then again I am one of the very strict and harsh parents! lol

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