Prince Charming


The toughest part for me about staying at home is balance. I often feel like because I “don’t work”, everything should always be done. The house should always be clean, I should do long and involved activities with my kids, healthy and balanced meals should be made, I should work out every day, etc. You get the picture. This also means I feel guilty if Sir Smiley helps too much. He works full time and is going to school. He has a lot on his plate. But I also think that too often I am trying to earn love through what I do. About a week ago, Sir Smiley took time off from school for a couple months to help with the new baby. Being the awesome guy that he is, he has thrown himself into everything to give me a break. I had spent the past four months having to run the house and all three kids by myself, so I was pretty run down. His help has been amazing! But it has also been a learning experience. You think after eight years of marriage I would have figured this out, but not so much. I have been learning to just let Sir Smiley love me, even if I haven’t done things to earn it. Yesterday Sir Smiley watched the kids and fed them lunch while I took a much needed nap. He even swept and mopped the floors! That night he went grocery shopping and then cooked a fantastic meal for me. It was delicious and all I had to do was sit down and eat it. We ended the night eating brownies and watching Fellowship of the Ring. It was fantastic. It reminded me how lucky I am that I am not in this alone (All single parents, you must have super powers. My hat goes off to you and you’re awesomeness because I would have gone postal after a week.). It also reminded how ridiculous it is for me to try to do it alone. I have an amazing parter in this who loves me, loves our kids, and wants to help. So here’s to Sir Smiley who helps preserve my sanity, loves me even when I’m neurotic, and makes me laugh even when I’m so frustrated I want to cry. My honest to goodness, real life prince charming.


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