All’s Well that Ends Well


My mood as I view my day is mainly shaped by how the final hour of the day went.  I could have a wonderful day, but if that final hour was horrific then I feel as though the day was a complete disaster.  On the flip side, I could have dealt with screaming and difficult kids all day, and still feel quite content if the last moments were spent happy.  Today was the latter.  None of the kids would nap today, including King Toot.  Considering he is only 4 months old, this is really NOT a good thing.  So he spent part the day not only screaming (only a small part thankfully) but even more of it complaining.  You know the sound I’m talking about?  You can’t really call it a cry..but they stick that lower lip out as far as they can and make despairing whimpers and whines. Add that to the girls going through an “I hate my sister and live to torment you” phase, 6 pm rolls around and it feels like 10.  I gave them a bath where they proceeded to empty the contents slowly out on the bathroom floor.  I had to wrestle them down in order to get them into their pajamas and just when all hope seems lost, a switch is flipped.  King Toot drifts into a peaceful slumber in his bouncer and the girls become affectionate and loving…even to each other!  We end the day reading no less than 10 books together.  Not just reading, but pointing at pictures, practicing sounding out words (or in Urpling’s case, just saying words), and reading the parts we know together.  It was truly magical.  I put them to bed and they went to sleep peacefully.  (Well, Urpling got up crying once, but went right back to bed when I went and got her.  For her that’s downright amazing!)  I ended the day feeling like Super Mom, even though the majority of it was spent snapping at my kids and losing my cool.  All’s well that ends well is all too true for me.


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