And We’re Off!


Our first vacation disaster happened before we even left the house. Sir Smiley and I woke up this morning to the sound of whispers coming from the bathroom. Then the sound of peeing, followed by Urpling cheering. Then Sasquatch shushes her as Urpling repeats over and over, “Ucky!”. The final act was the flushing of the toilet where Urping calls out, “Bye bye” to whatever was being flushed down the toilet. But this was not the disaster. I get up after the bathroom performance to start the last minute packing and loading of the van. I fed King Toot and chatted with the girls. As I was burping King Toot, I noticed that Sasquatch’s hair looked really long in one spot. I leaned forward to inspect the offending strand and I literally gasped in horror. The strand came out in my hands! That’s when Sasquatch proudly produced a scissors (that she had scaled a bookshelf to retrieve) and told me, “I cut my hair!”. Sure enough I realize that she now has some longish bangs blending into the rest of her hair, and looking closer I see small clumps of hair cut from the top of her head about 1 inch from her scalp. Of course. Of course she would decide to cut her hair the morning we’re leaving on a week long vacation where she will be the subject of hundreds of pictures. Off to Great Clips we go, where her hair is cut and layered to try to hide the massacre. Even now I look at her and try to make it out that it isn’t too bad. But the truth is, there is a reason she doesn’t have bangs. She does not look good in bangs! But now we can always look back at our pictures from the Disney vacation and talk about her bangs that she gave herself especially for her vacation. (Sir Smiley is still convinced they were flushing hair down the toilet, but as I kept finding random clumps of hair laying around the living room, I am not convinced). Just as a side note, her hair looks fine. It’s just those darn bangs! Argh!


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