No Rest Stop for the Clean


First off…I received the comment that I need to post pictures of the hair cut disaster. (See this post) As soon as this technologically incompetent lady figures out how to download pics off her ancient ghetto phone I’ll do that.
I have travelled with kids frequently over the past four years, mainly to visit relatives that live half way across the country. I have learned to dread the bathroom breaks. McDonalds was my saving grace as they always had large stalls with a changing table in them. But this trip we stopped at a rest stop so that we could have a picnic lunch for a lot cheaper. But this also meant using the rest stop bathrooms. Hmmmmmm. First of all, we’re traveling through very hot climates (about 100 degrees) and this bathroom had no AC. So as you wrestle the pants off three different kids and such you are sweating profusely. The stalls were tiny. I took the kids in shifts, first the girls and then the boy. But I was still tripping over one kid while trying to help the other. The floors were pretty disgusting. But of course Urpling immediately decides crawling around the floor was great fun (I swear it looked almost like she was trying to lick the floor. *shudder). So as I help Sasquatch get on the toilet (we brought her toilet seat to make it “easier”) I am also trying to prevent Urpling for contracting some kind of nasty transmutable disease. Of course Sasquatch decides she doesn’t need to pee. After threatening her with death if she asks to go potty after we drive away, I place Urpling on the toilet. Now Urpling is in the beginning stages of potty training, so with her I get the best of both world. Putting on and taking off a diaper, and putting her on a toilet and all the wonderful germs she can get there. She’s still dry so I put her on the toilet. She sits there for a minute and then starts repeating “All done” with greater and greater intensity. So I am now 0 for 2. Of course when I get Urpling down, I need to get her diaper back on her. Here is my conundrum. A pair of training pants would be easier in this situation as I hate to take shoes, pants and such off in nasty bathrooms. But as soon as I do that, I just know she’ll fill that far less absorbent pair of pants to overflowing, leaving an even bigger mess to clean. So I go for the diapers, but try to cheat by taking them off without taking off her pants or shoes. As I go to put them back on I realize I would rather die than lay her down on the floor (I don’t care if she had just been crawling on it) so I attempt to put her diaper on standing up. I slide it between her legs, position the back so it’s covering her butt nicely, and as I go to fasten it Urpling decides to help by pulling the front so it comes completely off. Rinse and repeat about three times in the 100 degree bathroom with Sasquatch playing with the toilet flusher as she waits. Finally I get Urpling’s diaper on and pray to God that it is covering her correctly and head out, sweating buckets. Of course the sinks have those handles where you have to hold it on or it stops running. So I have to try and soap up their hands and scrub them while holding the sinks on at the same time. Finally we are done and ready to head out on the next leg of our trip. I hate rest stop bathrooms.


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