Disney “Insider” part 1


Here are the tips of the day I have learned due to life experiences:

Bring Ibuprofen for the back pain that will occur when trying to bathe a four month old in a hotel bathroom – We tried bathing King Toot in the sink, but he didn’t really fit. So we had to move him to the bath tub, but he can’t sit up on his own. So it’s like trying to bathe a large water ballon without letting one end go under. Another tip, keep the water shallow so you can lay him back. But he can roll over to his side now so it’s still difficult.

Dress your kids immediately after their bath – this morning after their bath, Sasquatch ran out of the bathroom while I was drying off Urpling. She runs up to Sir Smiley, turns around, bends over, grabs her butt cheeks with both hands, pulls them apart, and announces “I’m opening my butt at you!” This was followed by hysterical laughter. Sir Smiley was traumatized, but I thought it was hilarious.

Weathermen lie – Bring clothing for every possible type of weather. Today was supposed to be a high of 64, partly cloudy with a good chance of rain. Until 5 pm it was sunny and closer to 90. We were burning up! Then at 5 it got cloudy, started to rain and dropped 20 degrees.

Always bring sunscreen and an umbrella – Since it was supposed to rain all day we forgot the sunscreen and now Urpling is a bit pink.

Bring autograph books – I’m a noob when it comes to Disneyland, but apparently all the characters will sign autographs. So note for next time, as we didn’t bring any this time.

You don’t have to see everything – don’t rush and miss out on the little things and don’t force yourself to stay when you should take a break. Urpling needed a break mid morning as she started to have some meltdowns. So instead of pushing her onto another ride, I had her sit and eat a snack. She calmed down, and even got to feed some of her crackers to a duck. She had a blast, and felt much better and I had a nice sweet experience with her. I would rather only see a few rides and attractions and enjoy them rather than see everything but be miserable for most of it.

Tag team it – Not everyone needs to go on every ride. That moment with Urpling happened when Sir Smiley took Sasquatch to Autopia. Would Urpling have also enjoyed that ride? Maybe, if she had been happy. But she wasn’t so at that moment it was better to take a break. Also, King Toot was dead asleep in the stroller. So instead of waking him up as well, the three of us took a little break. I am glad we did. By the time Sir Smiley and Sasquatch came back, Urpling had rested and eaten and was happy and ready for fun.

If it is your kids first time on Mickey Mouse’s Fun Wheel, take the stationary gondolas – As we were waiting in line to get on, we heard a girl screaming from a rocking gondola, “Make it stop! I wanna get off!” over and over and over again. She ws literqlly clinging to the screen behind her. They had to back the wheel up and let her off before continuing on.

It’s okay to be a little ghetto – We went to Ariel’s grotto and had lunch with the princesses. It was a blast. We ate no vegetables whatsoever. Also, when we made a bottle for King Toot, he immediately fell asleep before we could even give it to him. So we just shoved it into a glass of icy water to keep it cold. Whatever works.

Always bring both keys whenever you leave the room – We went swimming when we got back to the hotel. Sir Smiley had a key, so I didn’t bring one. But of course, when King Toot and I were ready to go back to the room, he couldn’t find it. So King Toot and I had to walk to the lobby, wait in line, and get a new key. Only later we realized that we needed a key to even get into the building, so Sir Smiley also had to get a new key made. Not only that, but even if he hadn’t lost his key, he would still have had to get a new one since I would have taken his. So basically it is better safe than sorry.

Now I am off to bed. I’m sure I’ll have more “insider” tips for you tomorrow.


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