Disney “Insider” part 2


Here is the next installment of my “insider” tips for Disneyland. There is some hidden nuggets of wisdom to be found among my experiences.

Always have a burp cloth handy – I don’t just mean with you. It needs to be out and ready to grab at a moment’s notice. We entered the park and the first thing King Toot does is urp all over himself, his Moby, and Sir Smiley. Of course the burp cloth was packed away in the diaper bag so it took me some time to fish it out. Meanwhile Sir Smiley was whining the whole time about urp on his hands. Baby. We eventually opted for tucking it under his chin like a bib so that it was always readily accessible.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is not so lame – The last time I was at Disneyland, I was 5 years old and I never got to go to the castle. So to right this childhood trauma, we went there yesterday. All you could do was walk through it. Lame. But for some reason, it was the first thing Sasquatch wanted to do today. Lo and behold, we discovered a small, poorly marked entrance where you can walk up and over. There were little snippets from the story that had matching, well designed scenes. This was much cooler than just walking across a bridge and, as Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorites, I totally ate it up!

Never promise to see anything – Never actually promise to go on a specific ride or see a specific character. You’ll end up having to wait forever in lines to see them (like I did to see Tinkerbell) just to avoid melt downs.

Do long lines earlier – At least Tinkerbell was the first thing we did. Sasquatch and Urpling were still in a patient mood, so the waiting wasn’t traumatic.

Stroller shopping – If you are in the market for a stroller, Disneyland is a great place to “window shop”. You will see every possible design for a stroller ever. Not only that, but as we were folding up our stroller, we had a random person strike up a discussion about the various strollers they had tried. So there ya go.

You can’t open a bottle that is already open – this is just great advice for life in general and pretty self explanatory. But I did attempt this at lunch today. Sir Smiley thought it was awesome.

Arrive to parades early – I would say at least a half hour. Unless you do what we do: Arrive 2 minutes after it starts, run the entire length of Disneyland, and find a spot at the very last minute out of sheer luck.

Main Street at night is magical – My absolute favorite memory so far was after the parade and before World of Color. We all got ice cream and sat in the town square, right by the entrance. The sun had just set and everything was lit up. Combine that with all the Disney music playing in the background and random Disney characters that would walk by and it was a truly magical experience.

World of Color – I recommend standing in the splash zone. You run the risk of getting wet, but the view is awesome. If you stand upwind (like we did accidentally), you won’t even get wet. Also, don’t bother rushing out. It’s gonna take a while to get out no matter what you do. So once the finale is over, you should stick around a little bit. Little fountains still light up and play music. You can see it really well, ’cause everyone else has booked it out.

Eat before – Don’t wait until after Disneyland closes to go get food. Pretty much every place is closed. We managed to find a restaurant still doing take out, so we ordered that and ate it in our room.

Peekaboo is not a good game when they are tired – I tried to entertain the kids with a game of peekaboo. The girls yelled, “Stop it!” and King Toot burst into tears.

Overall it was a great day, and we finally slept in this morning so we’re all set for lots of action today!


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