Beach Babies


We don’t go to the beach much, so we were very excited to head to the beach here in LA. I figured the theme for my vacation had been insider tips from my real life experiences, so why change it up now? So here are my tips for visiting the beach:

Bring a change of clothes: Yes it’s only 70 degrees and yes it just rained this week so the water is frigid, but don’t expect that to keep your kids out of the water and dry. My girls plunged right in like it was bath water. Luckily Urpling has a change of clothes due to the fact that she is still not potty trained. But no such luck for Sasquatch, so she had to spend the day wet (or at least damp).

Watch the tide – We had our sand toys out a decent distance from the water. But a little while later I noticed one of our shovels float by. Sure enough, the tide was coming in so I had to grab our things before they floated away. Thankfully I was successful.

Sharing is good – Another little girl was standing there watching our girls play and she eventually joined them. All three girls had a blast together, and her mom and I each had another adult to chat with. Totally made the day even better!

Sand is the new towel – This is a trick I remember from when I was younger. You get your wet feet and legs covered in sand and then brush them off. Instant dry feet and legs.

Warm is happy – Urpling was having a blast and suddenly started having a major melt down. As soon as I toweled her off and put her in dry clothes, she was happy. Apparently being cold and wet freaks her out.

So those are my little gems of wisdom from my day at the beach. As an added bonus, here’s another Disney tip. When we for back to our hotel, we could see the Disney fireworks display reflecting off the Sheraton hotel next to us. Apparently those rooms have a fantastic view of the fireworks from the comfort of their hotel. No idea how spendy that place is though. You would need to be on the north side of the hotel in order to see the fireworks. So there you go. Now I’m off to bed. We’re getting up super early for our final day at Disneyland!


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