Disney “Insider” tips part 3


On to my third set of insider tips. Today we are headed to the beach, so no Disney insider tips tomorrow. But maybe I will find some tips for going to the beach. Only time will tell. But on to what I am sure you all have been waiting in eager anticipation for:

Make your spouse wear the Moby – Don’t get me wrong, pushing 80+ pounds in the form of a double stroller is a good workout. But nothing seems to top the sore muscles you get from continually squatting and walking around carrying an 18 pound baby in a Moby for over three hours straight.

Adventureland is full of cheese – I love cheese, both edible and humorous. The Tiki room has the classic style Disney music and awesome one liner jokes. (plus they have this Dole pineapple/banana soft serve that I’m pretty sure is liquid crack frozen and served with a spoon) But if you love cheesy one liners, the jungle cruise is perfect. It’s a cheese cracker with sliced cheese, drenched with a cheesy topping. I loved it!

Lame taste helps – I totally love the cheesy, lame rides. But this totally works in my favor at Disneyland. My favorite rides and shows so far have pretty much had no wait time. Woohoo for me!

Who needs the Stairmaster? – If you go to Tarzan’s treehouse, you should be good at stairs. I’m pretty sure it took Sir Smiley about an hour to get Urpling up and down all those stairs. This place is a great spot for an impromptu work out too.

Preview the rides – The kids did just fine on the Pirates of the Caribbean. But Sasquatch started bawling during the Haunted Mansion. It would have helped if I knew what was coming in the ride and could prep her beforehand.

Churros are yummy – I had my first Churro last night and it was tasty (although I am told they weren’t a very good sample of a true Churro). Must get another one soon!

Tinkerbell gets the best ride in the park – We watched the fireworks and they were awesome. But watching Tinkerbell hang from a string and get flung back and forth while dangling above Sleeping Beauty’s castle made me realize something, she has the most adrenaline inducing ride in the park!

We have had a blast, but after three days in Disneyland the girls are fried! So it’s off to the beach for a relaxing day in the sand and sun!


3 thoughts on “Disney “Insider” tips part 3

  1. Papa Craig

    Man you guys pack a lot of action into one day. You must be beat. One question – why not put Sammy in a stroller rather than a Moby?

  2. Papa Craig

    One more thing. Did you guys go on the “It’s a small world after all” ride. I still can’t get that song out of my head, and its been 20+ years since we were there:)

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