Disney “Insider” tips – the final installment


It’s here, the final installment of my Disney insider tips! This has been an awesome family vacation! The last day was by far the best! Here are my last tips for when you visit Disneyland with small children:

Morning Magic Hours are totally worth it – Magic Mornings are where you can get into Disney an hour before opening on certain mornings with certain tickets. I was skeptical, wondering how many people used it. I figured if everyone got special tickets, it wouldn’t be less crowded than normal. When we got there the lines to get in were quite long, confirming my suspicions. But once we got in, the park was fairly empty. We got there 10 minutes late, but still rode 4 rides in the hour before regular park hours started (normally we average one ride an hour). So it was most definitely worth it.

Transition glasses would have been useful – I have prescription sunglasses and I kept forgetting to switch to my regular glasses for indoor rides. So for most of the rides I was stuck with sunglasses while riding through dark areas. Transition glasses would have been awesome here…

Researching good rides is like house hunting – You can research the rides all you want, but inevitably some rides will sound lame that are awesome and some will sound awesome that are actually lame.

Bring a pedometer – I wish I had a pedometer for this trip purely out of curiosity.

Pushing a double stroller through crowds is like driving a bus – More like driving a bus amongst a bunch of corvettes that are driven by elderly people. Overall the speed is very slow. But as you try to weave in and out of them with your large, oversized, slow to respond vehicle, people can suddenly change course and whip in front of you at a moments notice.

Fanstasmic is fantastic – Even Sir Smiley was wowed by that show. We went to the late show and got there about 15 minutes before it started. We were able to find a spot that even fit our double stroller. Apparently the late showing is much more crowded,

The absolute best time to go is at 11 pm. – When Fantasmic ended at 11 pm, we went on at least 6 more last minute rides. The place was practically empty! I wish we had stayed that late on Friday as well! To swing it, we went back to the hotel for the afternoon and took a nap for several hours. King Toot and Urpling crashed in the stroller, but Sasquatch got a second wind and was excited as ever about all the rides!

We had a blast, and I can’t wait to go back! Now to travel back home and brave the rest stops. (see this post)


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