I saw the sign…


We have successfully made it home from our first big family vacation!

A few highlights on the trip home happened when we stopped to eat at Panda Express. Mainly, I set my fortune cookie down and Sasquatch started shaking my plate. When asked to stop she let us know she was making my cookie laugh. (it was rocking back and forth as she shook the plate). Also, King Toot is now good at grabbing things, so while Sir Smiley was focused on one of our other children while holding King Toot, King Toot grabbed his cookie and started sucking on it. Classic. But mainly there is a lot of driving. So for entertainment, Sir Smiley and I kept track of the more interesting road signs and sights we saw. Here they are for your enjoyment:

We went through a construction zone with a very unique way of laying out their cones. It had the distinct look of having been chucked haphazardly from the back of a truck by someone who was drunk. Some cones were still in stacks of two, only a few of them were actually standing, if they were they ranged from being on the dotted middle line to the other lane to partway into our lane, and most were rolling on their side in the middle of our lane.

We saw the typical speed zone signs, but a couple did stick out at me…one being a 3 mph road sign and a 14 mph road sign. I do wonder how they decided on those speeds.

“Please don’t drink and drive”. So polite, yet I have to wonder if you’re already in your car how effective this sign really is…

The Happy Cooker – Such a happy sounding place. But as you drive by, it is a boarded up ramshackle house. Hmmmm….

“Right Lane Exists Ahead”. Do what you want with this information, but they just wanted to let you know…FYI

We visited a national park and one of the first signs was a picture of a man aiming a rifle of sorts with a big circle and a line through it. So we’re not allowed to shoot things up there. This was followed by a sign that read, “Vegetation gathering prohibited”. I told Sir Smiley that we couldn’t gather vegetation but it said nothing about animals. He then pointed out that while we couldn’t shoot animals, we could hit them with a rock and then collect them. You now have a glimpse of our warped humor.

“Low water xing” So is this where the low water crosses…or where you cross low water? Either way, we never saw water…

“High flash flood risk due to fire.” …

“Pavement test zone ahead” – I wonder, what does this entail?

California has a need to name all their ditches. Literally. There were more natural ones like Rubble Ditch and Mud Ditch. There were other recognizable ones like Aztec Ditch and Ghost Ditch. Then there were unique ones like Esso Ditch, Calada Ditch, and Ford Dry Lake Ditch.

“Watch for rocks”. To avoid liability this probably should say “Avoid Rocks”

Finally, my favorite:

“State Prison Next Right” with a large yellow sign underneath it reading, “Don’t pick up hitchhikers”

As an added bonus…here is my favorite clip from Brian Regan involving road signs here…


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