Breakfast at Smiley’s


My youngest child is now sitting in a high chair, hanging with us at breakfast! We finally bought Urpling a booster seat, so now she can leave the high chair and sit at the table. This also means the high chair is now free for King Toot. We used to do the whole baby food, rice cereal deal with Sasquatch. But when we had Urpling, our pediatrician told us that he had done research and discovered that skipping baby food altogether, and just waiting until the baby was old enough to sit up on his own to give them table food worked even better. So we tried it, and loved it. Urpling was part of the social aspect of our meals, and her fine motor skills developed quickly. I didn’t have to shovel food into her with a spoon and miss part of my meal and she learned to eat until she was full and not to over eat. Not only that, but she was never weirded out by food textures, as she never had mashed up food. So we’re doing the same thing with King Toot.
With that little bit of background info, you are all set for a play by play of our first breakfast with three kids, because I know you’re all dying of curiosity. Urpling woke up way to early and wandered out to the living room to play. As a result her response to any conversation is, “I don’t wanna”, usually accompanied by crying. When left alone, she starts staring at her cereal in a trance for several minutes at a time. Then there is King Toot. I don’t think we’ve had a single meal since King Toot was born that didn’t involve him crying for a bottle, or eating a bottle during our meal. This has been our first meal where he was happy throughout the whole meal. However, I can no longer look at Sir Smiley during breakfast. King Toot is right next to him and when King Toot eats, it’s a disgusting, half masticated, gooey mess. So we made need to rearrange the seating a little bit so I don’t have to look at King Toot unless absolutely necessary. Sasquatch slept in and is in a great mood. She also sits by King Toot and at first was eager to help. But that eagerness ended after she picked up a cracker and discovered the nasty mess King Toot had made of it. She wiped her hands off on her bib with a look of disgust and never offered to help after that. At the end of each meal, Urpling likes to throw bits of her food on the floor for the dogs when we’re not looking. This usually only lasts for a minute because she finds it so funny she starts shrieking and giggling. This morning was no exception. Overall, it was a lot of fun having all of the family together for breakfast.


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