The Thank You Card Curse


I was sorting through an old to-do pile. Shoved in the middle was a list of all the presents I got for King Toot and who gave them. That’s when it hits me…I suck! It’s been five months and I have yet to send out a single thank you. This isn’t the first time either. I think the only thank you cards I sent out on time (if I sent them out at all) were my graduation cards and that was because my mom made me. For my wedding I think I did them right around my one year anniversary, and I don’t think I did any for my college graduation or the other two kids. It’s not that I’m not thankful or don’t want to write them. But I always get this idea in my head that I want them to be well-written and heartfelt. Not a bad thing, but I always put them off because I feel that at that moment I can’t devote the time needed to make them truly epic. Inevitably I either totally forget, or end up rushing through them anyways. As much as I would like to set a good example for my kids, I seem to be cursed with bad manners. So for anyone who has ever gotten me something without so much as a thank you in return, thank you. I am truly blessed by my friends and family, words never seem to be enough to express how grateful I truly am. Not just for gifts. For those of you who spend hours listening me rant, go on weird tangents, talk nonstop about my kids. For those who put up with my zoning out, chronic tardiness, bizarre sense of humor and love me anyway. For those who brought me food after I had King Toot, help babysit, or helped me handle my kids at various church and family functions. I am a quirky, odd duck who is made beautiful through the amazing friends and family she has. Now I am off to write some thank you cards before I forget for another six months.


One thought on “The Thank You Card Curse

  1. Mom

    you’re made beautiful no matter what. God created you with a multitude of talents, and I’m tickled to see you using them on this blog! BTW, I do remember making you write those notes 🙂

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