To Wake or Not to Wake


To nap or not to nap, that was the question…yesterday. Today is slightly different (wow…my auto correct turned slightly into slutty…maybe it’s best not to comment). So, the question today is, to wake or not to wake? There are the really bizarre days where a kid will nap for hours! It’s awesome! I get so much done, have some down time, maybe even take a shower…..alone! But then I’ll realize, their bedtime is rapidly approaching. So do I wake them up? I have two minds about this. First, if they’re sleeping this long they probably need it. Maybe it’s a growth spurt, maybe they’re not feeling well, etc. But the other thought is, if I don’t wake them up will they actually sleep tonight? As much as I enjoy a break during the day, I protect my sleep at night like it’s the last glass of water in the Sahara desert. Most nights I do not succeed, but that never stops me from trying. So if it comes to a choice between letting them sleep longer at nap time or risk losing sleep that night, guess what I pick? But inevitably I seem to choose wrong…always. The times I choose to wake them up, they’re cranky and cry at everything. So I end up miserable by the time I go to bed. But if I let them sleep, when they wake up they are hyper and energetic until some ludicrous hour, and often they’re still cranky. *sigh It’s not really a win/win situation. Either hunker down for some late night bonding (even if you’re barely conscious and not capable of rational thought), or hunker down with a cranky baby. If things go downhill there is always my go to method: an episode of Dora, many many many stories, and if things get really bad there is banishment to their rooms while mommy takes a shower while playing calming music. But sometimes things go well, you make the “right” choice (usually out of pure chance), and suddenly you are the queen or king of the world! Either way, the question starts the same…to wake or not to wake?


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