The Faux Nap


The most common napping problem I’ve seen amongst parents is what I like to call the faux nap. You parents know what I’m talking about. This nap usually occurs in the car, usually while traveling home. Either you’ve run errands, visited friends, worked out, or something like that. It’s taken up most of the morning and nap time is approaching. So you load up in the car and start the voyage home. But that’s when it goes wrong. You can see it in the review mirror. The kids are falling asleep! You only have 5 more minutes until you reach the house. In desperation you yell, crank the AC, crank the music, even swerve the car a bit. But it’s no use. They fall asleep and sleep for the 5 minutes you have left in the trip home. You feel the dread looming over you. The kids are tired. They usually take a 2 hour nap. But as soon as you get home and try to put the kids to bed, you give in to the inevitable. They will not sleep. Due to some psychological loop hole, the kids think they’ve had their nap. They’ve slept already, so why do they have to go to bed again? It doesn’t matter that it was only for 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter that they’re tired, it doesn’t matter that they’re having constant meltdowns and yelling at their siblings. They will not be taking a SECOND nap! And that my friends, is the curse of the faux nap. Whoever invents a car seat attachment that shakes the seat, makes loud noises, or whatever is necessary to keep children awake will surely make a fortune. But until then I try to schedule any traveling well before they are tired enough to sleep.


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