One of THOSE Nights…


Venting time. What’s the point of a blog if I can’t unleash my frustrations on the unsuspecting populace? It started off so well. Last night was gorgeous out. It’s been ridiculously hot out, so I run at night. Well, jog anyway. Running implies some sort of speed. I digress. I am not a runner by nature, but I needed a cheap way to lose weight so there you have it. By the time I finished getting bottles clean, making Sir Smiley’s lunch for the next day it was 11 at night. But I was torn…it was supposed to be at least 15 degrees hotter the following night. That’s a lot of degrees. So despite the late hour, I went for a jog. It was beautiful out and my jog went great. But that was the end of my luck. Judging by how the rest of the night went, God has decided I need to build some character. My jog took about an hour. I arrived home at a little after midnight. Rinsed off on the shower and off to bed. King Toot has finally started sleeping through the night so I figured I’d still get six hours of sleep. But I forgot one important bit of information, he also earned a new trick. They don’t warn you about this…but there is a dark side to when your baby learns to roll over. It happens when they sleep. For some reason they will roll on their stomachs and forget how to roll back. Then they get mad…really mad…in the middle of the night. So that drew the night out a bit. Up every few hours with him. Then there was the incident. I wake to a screaming Sasquatch just as I was drifting off…around 12:30. She was heaving her dinner all over the floor. I rushed her to the bathroom where unbelievable quantities of partially digested food flew from her mouth. Stomach flu is terrible. It always reminds me so clearly that this is not the world God intended for us. I never feel so helpless as when one of my kids is sick like that. I can’t give them anything, not even water. (thanks to Doctor Dad, I learned that giving water too quickly will make the tummy worse and to wait at least 20 minutes). As is normal, the kid bounces right back. 15 minutes later Sasquatch is chatty and bubbly, while I am scarred for life mulling over my own weaknesses and the injustices of the world. I get them to bed and as usual I’m on high alert so it takes a while to fall asleep. As I finally drift off, I wake up to screaming, Frantically I run into the room to save the carpet I just finished cleaning. No need to fret, Urpling was screaming because her teething ring fell on the floor. You can imagine how well this went over. Then Sir Smiley got up at 4 to get ready for work, so there was another interruption added to King Toots tummy time frustrations. Sir Smiley leaves around 5:30 but then King Toot needs to be fed. After that the kids woke up at 6:30 and were up for the day. I think I’ve garnered about 1 hour sleep total. Needless to say, nap time today will be very early…


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