What I Miss about Being 3


What I miss about being 3:

Naptime – Uninterrupted nap time. A nap time where there are no kids to watch, no errands to run, nothing but wonderful middle-of-the day sleep.

The toys – I totally love having girls because I now get to live vicariously through them. I love playing dress up, playing with doll houses, watching princess movies, pretending to cook on a kitchen set, playing on the playground, having tea parties, dressing up dolls, the list goes on and on. It should become PC for adults to play like that. I think we would achieve world peace if we were allowed to act like kids more often. (Hmmm….Sasquatch and Urpling got into a cat fight over a piece of plastic….so maybe not)

Speaking your mind – You can say rude things and people find it funny. Because those things are true, and you always wanted to say them but couldn’t. The world was so much simpler when you could just say what you think and it didn’t upset other people.

Wearing fancy dresses to go grocery shopping – today the girls wanted to wear their pretty Christmas dresses. Nevermind that it’s summer and hot, these dresses rock to twirl in. They flare out perfectly. Of course we want to wear them to the store and to get gas….they’re pretty. We want everyone to see how pretty our dresses are!

Being Chauffeured – Yes I love my freedom. But there is something nice about having someone else cart you around. You just sit back with your favorite toy and chill. No stresses about traffic or that dude that almost crushed your front end when he decided the spot that you were driving in was where he needed to be.

Fewer Chores- Granted they like to “help” me by chucking the clean clothes at my head. But they do not have to clean and fold mountains of laundry. They do not have to pick up dog poop, or run the dishwasher, or cook 3 meals a day for 5 people. I would love to have food magically appear in front of me every meal and then have the dishes magically disappear when I’m done. Or have my clothes magically appear clean and folded in my closet and dresser each week. (See this post from Rants From Mommyland….it’s awesomesauce) I say fewer chores as I do still have the kids pick up their toys when they’re done playing with them, and they like to help with chores like unloading the dishwasher.

No worries about calories – That ice cream cone has a million calories? Who cares as I have a metabolism so fast I can eat double my weight in food and still be hungry in an hour. I look like a skinny stick figure even when I eat Oreos for breakfast. (Yes, yes, for all you healthy food gurus…I get that they need nutrition. We do try to eat healthy. No they do not actually eat Oreos for breakfast. But I do miss being able to eat a cookie without gaining 5 pounds the next day)

The smallest accomplishment is cheered on by others – I would love to get accolades for pooping in a toilet, or dressing myself, or remembering to cover my mouth when I sneeze. The bar is set a little bit higher when you hit 30.

Sitting in a stroller – Just chilling and taking in the sights while someone else does all the work. Same with sitting in the cart while grocery shopping. When I had King Toot, Urpling started to have meltdowns when we went shopping. She wanted to sit in the cart, but that spot was now taken. Can’t say I blame her, who wouldn’t be upset that after two years of being pushed by someone you now actually had to walk?! Heck, even a lot of adults opt for those fun little scooters.

Never have to read inflammatory fb political posts – you get to avoid all the obnoxious political posts, links, and comments on fb. Oh, and all the mommy ones too…about how you are bad mom unless you do such and such. No such stress there.

Not self conscious – My daughter lifted up her dress and flashed a bunch of people at church once. No big deal. Pulling a wedgie? Normal. Picking your nose? Commonplace. Calling some woman old? Just stating the facts…

Anything becomes a toy – An empty diaper box, a paper towel roll, a hanger. All these objects have endless possibilities. An empty formula container becomes a drum. An empty box becomes a pumpkin carriage pulled by 6 horses. A hanger becomes a gun. A toilet paper roll becomes Dora. A tennis ball becomes an apple.I think I only buy them toys so I can play with them.

But what I miss most of all is how my kids view the world. Everything is an adventure (thanks to Dora) and their imaginations are incredible! Having kids has helped me get a smidgen of that back, but I still have a lot to learn!


One thought on “What I Miss about Being 3

  1. Me too! MAybe I’ll regress to that state once I’m senile. Closest I came to pure carefree enjoyment was when one of you girls were trying to “style” my hair. Don’t know why, but I absolutely loved it 🙂

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