Poking Fun at the Mommy Wars Beast


In light of the infamous Time magazine cover, I thought it was high time I did a post on the infamous mommy wars. The cover has the title “Are you mom enough?” Apparently I suck as a mom because my milk stopped flowing at 3 months. Apparently my sister isn’t mom enough since she can’t nurse due to the meds she takes for epilepsy. But we tend to say this about all aspects of parenting. Comments seem to follow that line of thought. Are you mom enough to cosleep, are you mom enough to spank, etc. It’s the idea that you are only a good parent if you parent a certain way. CIO vs Cosleeping, breast feeding vs formula feeding, cloth vs disposable diapers, to spank or not to spank, the list goes on. I even read an article chiding parents who have more than two kids because they are not being green. They’re adding to the population instead of replacing themselves. Guess the world will end because I had an extra kid. Instead of actually weighing in on these topics I thought a little bit more interactive post would be fun. What I’m looking for is to have other parents post some of the most ridiculous and ludicrous comments/articles/posts/blogs they have read. This is not a forum to debate, and if anyone here posts a comment that does more than post the ridiculous things they have heard, the comment will be deleted. I am not looking to work out what ways are best, but merely for us to have a chance to laugh at how ridiculous these mommy wars really are. To kick it off, here we some of my favorites:

If you let your kid cry for any period of time they will get brain damage and possibly die.

Formula feeding is the sole cause of childhood obesity.

If you rock your child to sleep they will never sleep on their own, and you obviously have attachment issues.

If you cosleep, you and your husband will never have sex and get divorced.

I am purposely omitting my own personal reaction or stance on these subjects, and I ask that you do the same when you post your own gems you have come across. Let the fun begin!


2 thoughts on “Poking Fun at the Mommy Wars Beast

  1. Rachel

    By askIng for “ridiculous” things you’ve seen, aren’t you just perpetuating the attacks against mothers who do things differently? You(or I) may think something is “ridiculous” but to another mother it may be “normal”. I know you aren’t trying to attack anyone and that clearly isn’t the point of your post; but it could be an unintentional consequence.

    • An excellent point. Perhaps I should clarify. By ridiculous comments I mean absolutes. To say formula feeding is the sole cause of obesity is an absolute. It leaves no room for other possibilities. Same with saying cosleeping prevents sex and causes divorce. It doesn’t allow for any other possible outcome. What I am asking is to go above your personal preferences and start to see the other side as parents who love their children and are doing what they think is best.

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