Post-Mother’s Day Thoughts…


I think Mother’s Day and Father’s day are very important days to celebrate. It’s such a good time to reinforce a grateful attitude in our children for what their parents do for their kids. But this can take on many forms.

To the guys – Do something for the mother of your child(ren) on mother’s day. Do something for your mom on mother’s day. It doesn’t need to be big, or elaborate, or have some über wow factor. It just needs to show them you thought of them and care. My hubby did not buy me a present or a card this year for Mother’s Day. But it was one of the best Mother’s Days ever! He gave me the entire weekend off from kid stuff. Yesterday I slept in until 11:30. Not only did I sleep in, but while I was sleeping he changed a couple poopy diapers. But not any poopy diapers. One was a poop explosion (he called it a pooptastrophe)! He came into King Toot’s room and witnessed something traumatic. King Toot had pooped all up his back, up his shirt, into his hair. Not only that, but it also squirted down and out one sleeve and he was making what Sir Smiley described as “poop angels” in the crib. He had to pretty much bring King Toot to the bath tub and hose him off. As Sir Smiley finished cleaning that up and had given King Toot a bath, he came out into the living room and smelled something rotting. Thinking the girls had hidden some food somewhere he seeks out the smells source. Only to realize it was coming from Urpling. After cleaning up that mess, he fed them all breakfast before I had even gotten up. You want true love ladies? It takes a real man to clean up poop angels from your kiddos crib without making any loud gagging sounds or loud complaints. He did this all quietly so I could sleep in. Today he took me out and took care of the kids all day. I was able to relax, chat with family and I DIDN’T HAVE TO COOK! It was awesome.

To the gals – Accept what they offer you and demand nothing. Do not tell them they have to get you something. Do not tell them a list of specific requirements they need to meet. Do not focus on what they should be doing for you. Instead, let them take the reigns and actually have a chance to show you how much they love you. Love cannot be forced. So let it just come at it’s own pace. But even more than that, accept what they have to offer you. I struggle with allowing myself to just accept love. I always work to earn it. So this weekend, I really had to focus on letting go. To just sit back, relax and not WORRY about whether he was annoyed with the kids, or intervene if he seems to be stressed. He wanted to do this for me, so I let him. And let me tell you, it was tough! But it was so worth it! I know how hurt I would be if I tried to do something nice for him and he just took over and did it all himself. So why would it be any different for him?

Get the kids involved! More than anything else, this holiday should be about teaching our kids gratefulness and respect. I have a handmade card with Sasquatch’s hand prints in it. The best present ever! Let them pick out what to do and let them start to express themselves in their own way. Sasquatch gave me a back rub at dinner. It was probably the worst back rub ever in that she had spaghetti sauce all over her hands and she was really rubbing my elbow. But I loved it! These are the things we should encourage and cherish. To all you moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

Basically gals, free up your loved ones to honor you this Mother’s Day their own way, and look for the little things they do that will make your days,


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