I confess, I have become addicted to certain aspects of the internet.  I constantly feel a need to check Facebook.  What if someone commented on one of my pictures?  The kids did/said something funny/cute/disgusting/sweet and I must put it as my status right now!  What do people have to say about my recent exceptionally witty status?

I have also discovered some of these little games on my ipad that are super addicting!  They are relatively mindless, without much purpose to them, yet I feel a need to play/check them constantly!  Words with friends and Draw Something top the list.  Also, I love Oregon Trail and this little game called My Town.  They are rather silly little games.  Yet I seem to need to play them constantly.  Has someone sent me a new drawing?  Are my crops done growing?  It’s insanity really.

So I’ve decided this week it’s time to take a break.  Yesterday at church our pastor talked about the Proverbs 31 woman and her heart of sacrifice for others.  Sacrificing what we desire most.  Well, it may not be what I desire most, but these games and distractions seem to be soaking up more and more of my time.  Soaking up my time for something that has absolutely no value in the real world whatsoever.  So I am calling it quits for the week.  No Facebook at all.  I will only check my e-mail twice a day, during nap time and before I head to bed.  I will still blog once a day, but as that is not a constant distraction I feel comfortable with that.  Draw Something is funny because my daughter loves to watch me draw and guess other peoples drawings.  So I may let her play it with me on the rare occasion.  But other than that, I am hiding my ipad somewhere, maybe a foreign country, and using the time for things much more worthwhile.


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