Potty Training…how I hate thee


Potty training is one of those milestones that has virtually no redeeming qualities until the process is completed. I say this even though my oldest was ridiculously easy to potty train. Because even with her, those few weeks that she spent getting adjusted to actually peeing and pooping in a toilet were time consuming and annoying. Fast Forward two years and I long for those days desperately. Daughter number 2 is not being nearly so cooperative. There are the splashes of hope flung in your face that are then mercilessly ripped from you a few days later. After weeks of trying, she finally peed in the toilet. For the rest of that week she would hold it, we would put her on the potty, she would pee. The hope was rising, maybe she was on the cusp of getting the hang of this! But no, after one week she changed again. Now she waits until we put her on the toilet, reads some stories, chatters away, says “all done”, and then pees once the training pants are back on her. It is so consistent I’m sure it’s purely out of spite. It must be. Then there is the poop. She pooped in the toilet twice, and then seemed to decide she prefers to sit around and play while squishing around in her own feces. What kind of animal am I raising that prefers that?

Overall, the entire process is amazingly time consuming. I pretty much spent all day today getting her on and off the toilet and have nothing to show for it. I got nothing done, she never peed in the toilet, and would even tinkle tiny amounts every hour right after I took her off. I keep telling myself that she couldn’t possibly hit high school and still want to pee and poop in these things, but some days I’m not so sure. I just thank God that my oldest was so easy, so I only have 1 (probably 2) difficult periods of time like this left. Maybe God will realize he did not bless me with enough patience to do this again, and will spare us from the injuries that will most likely occur to someone if King Toot is as difficult to potty train as Urpling is shaping up to be. For all you who have the added bonus of peeing and pooping while hiding in corners, my hat is off to you. Your child is still alive, so that makes you super mom! I must go, because Urpling has just come up to me saying, “diaper, dirty”. Yeah…she can tell me after, just not before.” *sigh


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