Dinner at Animal House


You have never truly lived until you have shared a meal with three children under the age of 5. No experience quite matches it. Last night was a prime example. Sir Smiley was home and we were all actually sitting down together for dinner. King Toot was drinkong a bottle, so Sir Smiley was eating one handed through out the meal. Sasquatch had decided she didn’t like dinner before even trying one bite. When she was told she had to try and eat a few bites, she made a grand display of taking a bite and then washing it down with half a cup of juice while making a disgusted grimace. She did this about three times throughout the meal.

Urpling would randomly yell EIEIO throughout the meal to add to the fun. She is our juicaholic and drank her first cup of juice before I sat down and her second after eating three bites. I told her she was only getting two cups of juice, but she kept asking throughout the meal anyway. (I have added her contributions throughout the meal in parenthesis)

By this time Sasquatch had zoned out and was pulling on a loose thread in the tablecloth, causing the table cloth to unravel. Sir Smiley tries to get her attention, “Sasquatch. Sasquatch! SASQUATCH! (EIEIO)” Finally we have her attention. We tell her to stop pulling apart the tablecloth and eat her food. Commence the grimace, juice-chugging bite. (Juice?) I commence asking Sir Smiley about his day. About two sentences in, Sasquatch asks for a hug and then Urpling asks for one. I tell them I am hugging them in my mind and attempt to continue my conversation with Sir Smiley (Juice?)

Sasqatch again zones out and starts to unravel the tablecloth. We manage to again to get her attention. (Juice?) Here we have our third bite of dinner. She then proceeds to put her fingers around her eyes to make binoculars and starts looking at each of us, giggling (EIEIO). We tell her we’re all sitting close enough where we don’t need binoculars. But by that time Urpling has decided that looks pretty fun. So she tries to do the same thing. Only her fingers form binoculars on the side of her head by her temples, totally missing her eyes. But she still looks around like this, giggling like it is soooooo much fun.

Meanwhile, Sasquatch is pressing on crumbs with the tip of her finger until they stick, lifting up her finger and the watching the crumbs eventually fall. She has a vague, stoned look in her eyes…probably time for bed. (EIEIO) Sir Smiley gets a few sentences about his day out. But is interrupted by what sounds like Darth Vader. Nope. it’s only Sasquatch breathing heavily into her cup. (Juice?) She looks at us, smiles and says,”I was just snoring, that’s all!” I can’t help it. I announce, “Luke, I am your father” and then dissolve into giggles, Sir Smiley gets up and starts clearing the table, admitting defeat.



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