Alls Well that Ends Well…Part 2


It was a rough weekend. This was my “fun” weekend. A bridal shower for a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. A graduation party for friends I hadn’t seen for a while, a party at church. It was a packed weekend and it started out okay. The kids all woke up at random times throughout the night so I only had about four hours of sleep. But I got up, fed the kids, then headed out to the bridal shower and had some kid-free fun. I was a little tired, but still had fun. But when I got home things unravelled fairly quickly. One of the dogs was puking and having stomach problems. So Sir Smiley had loaded up the kids and headed to the vet. Of course this was when the kids should be napping so they would be rested for the grad party. We got some medicine for the dog, came home, and got ready for the next party. The kids are all having constant meltdowns. Surprisingly the kids did we’ll once we got to the party. We still had fun, although the lack of sleep was getting to me a bit. Got home, got the kids to bed. Again, I only got 4 hours of sleep. King Toot kept getting stuck in corners of his crib. I may tie him down tonight so I can sleep. (kidding). So I spent my time at church and the party afterward feeling fairly drunk. But we still had a lot of fun.

It was a haze of a weekend, and the lack of sleep made me irritable (to say the least). Sasquatch loves to take all of her toys, dump them on the floor, mix them up thoroughly, and the call it a picnic. It takes FOREVER for me to pick up, even longer if I make her do it. She does this both days. I get mad, go on some long involved rant about how she makes all this work for me but won’t help clean up and how is that fair. I come out of my room later after having calmed down. Sasquatch had put away ALL her toys. She was putting the final toys away. Urpling was cradling a dolly, shushing the doll and patting her back. Urpling looks up and tells me, “Baby crying. she owie.”. Then they sit on the couch, hold hands and look at me. My heart melted and I thought, “What a great weekend!”. Of course, right before bed, they dump out the toys for another picnic. But I don’t care. My daughter saw what I wanted and did it for me without being asked. It’s those moments I think that maybe I’m not screwing them up too badly.

Note: Sir Smiley got a call from a friend at church. Apparently someone locked their keys in their car. So he’s off to rescue them by picking the lock and breaking into the car for them. It’s good to be the poh-lice


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