Scooby Dooby Duba


Yesterday my parents were kind enough to watch the kids for the day, and Sir Smiley and I were able to go out for the day. So off we went with 4 tanks, wet suits, BCDs, and snorkel gear for a day of fun at the lake. Yep, we went scuba diving. The last time we went scuba diving was in the Sea of Cortez, so I’ll admit that the prospect of the local lake didn’t thrill me quite as much. But scuba diving does take skill and seeing as it has been 5 years since last we went, we wanted to start brushing up before we went someplace truly awesome. We drove right up to the “beach” (more like the rocky shoreline), dragged our gear to the edge, suited up, and off we went. Here are the highlights from that day:

Having the little boy next to us point and tell his parents, “Look! They’re going to swim all the way to the ocean!”

Naming our little buoy we tote around “Bob”.

After the first 45 minute dive, finally figuring out how to stay at relatively the same depth when distracted. The entire first dive, if we tried to look at stuff, each other, or fiddle with our gear, we’d gain or drop 20 feet without noticing.

The slightly panicked rush I felt the first time we got to 35 feet. I looked up and realized that not only could I not see the surface, but I couldn’t even see the 15 foot marker we hung under Bob.

Eating lunch in the van while cranking Switchfoot to drown out the less than savory music the kids were blaring next to us, while planning our next dive.

Sir Smiley having to chase down his hood that was floating “out to sea” while wearing 12 pounds of weights in his weight belt. (my stud!)

All the fish we saw! They may not have been tropical, but it’s fun floating there while little fish swim around and stare you down. Oh, and the foot long fish we saw was pretty cool too.

Plotting what we’ll do to the punk kids who were throwing large rocks at us if we ever see them again. (suggestions are welcome)

Taking crazy pictures with the underwater camera of us floating in bizarre positions.

An entire day spent kid-free with my hubby. As much as we love our kids, it’s nice to get some time together that’s not interrupted by kids yelling at each other, wiping small butts, or some sort of meltdown.

We had a blast and cannot wait to do it again!


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