People of Walmart


I should note here, I am not in anyway saying people who shop at Walmart are all idiots. I shop at Walmart. But there are some colorful people that you can find there. This is one such example. Sir Smiley responded to a call at Walmart the other day. Apparently, some people were walking into the store and noticed two small children locked in a car, around the ages of 4 and 1. Now, it was parked in the sun, in 94 degree heat. One window was cracked…but barely enough for Sir Smiley to squeeze his fingers through. The onlookers knocked on the window and the four year old readily opened the door for these complete strangers. The police paged the mother inside the Walmart. But it still took her over 15 minutes to emerge from the store. She was at a loss as to why everyone was in such a tizzy. I mean, she left the window cracked. (insert my groan for the inevitable fall of humanity here). When Sir Smiley pointed out that the police had responded to four other crime calls in this same exact parking lot, it didn’t seem to concern her. Needless to say, this has not helped my outlook on people’s ability to use common sense. And there you have the people of Walmart.


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