Swiper the Fox


My two girls are both wonderful, dear things. Yet they are very different. Sasquatch is a force of nature. Urpling is much more sedate. (not to give the implication that she sits quietly all day long…but she usually plays in one spot and doesn’t completely destroy the house in three minutes.) One would think this would make Sasquatch more difficult, but not so. She is active, but redirectable. Urpling, however, is mischievous. She is quieter, but more deadly.

An excellent example of the differences in my kids’ personalities would be how they react to Dora. More specifically, Swiper the Fox. (this is where I insert a description of Swiper for those who have escaped…I mean haven’t had the pleasure of watching Dora) He’s a little fox that shows up and tries to take things. If he succeeds, he throws it far away and says, “You’ll never find it now! Heh, heh, heh!”. His little cackle at the end is very distinctive. Then Dora has you do some educational related activity to find the object, like colors or shapes or whatever. If you want to stop him you say, “Swiper no swiping!” over and over and over again until you want to do violence to the TV to make it stop.

Sasquatch and Urpling love to pretend they’re on Dora. Sasquatch loves to run up to me, yell at me to watch out for Swiper, have us run around the house to get away from him, and end with yelling “Swiper no swiping!” a bazillion times. Good clean fun. Never has it crossed her mind to be any character but Dora. But then there’s Urpling. She doesn’t play Dora, not her. She chooses a different character. She waits until Sasquatch is playing quietly, grabs the toy, says, “blah blah blah blah now!” followed by the all too recognizable cackle, and then runs off and throws the toy as far as she can. Of course, she would decide it’s much more fun to play Swiper than Dora. And that, my friends is the difference between my two daughters, (both of whom I love dearly)


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