There’s No I in God


Some more thoughts to piggy back on yesterday’s post. I’ve heard many analogies regarding who is really in control of your life. Putting God in the driver’s seat, open the door and let God in, let go and let God. While pondering how best to live life to the fullest, and not just be a survivor, I keep coming back to the same foundation. I cannot live life to the fullest without Him. When I take the reigns (another analogy for you) I have to be obsessive. If I am the only one doing everything, I have to plan, to schedule, to make sure I get all the important things done. When things go wrong, I feel personally responsible. (granted, often I am…but some things are just out of my control) When things go well, I want to strut around because I am obviously one amazing mom. (sometimes I am, but most of the time, I honestly have no idea how my kids are turning out so well)

Now I know taking time with God is important, but too often I view it by how much time it takes to do so…not by how much time I gain. If I’m honest with myself, when I take the time every day to seek God and place things in his hands, it frees me. No more worry or stress. I no longer am solely responsible for making the world turn. There will be days that will still be tough but taking the time to seek God and his will each and every day, to learn more about him, provides me with peace even in the most difficult of circumstances. I learn to accept help from others. God always provides me with new ideas and new resources if I would only take the time each day to open my eyes and ears to those possibilities. I need to stop taking complete responsibility for everything in my life both good and bad. I need to acknowledge that some things are beyond my control. My kids will be hurt, people will be mean, cars will break down, bad things will happen. I cannot create a perfect utopia for my family. But I can rest in the knowledge that someone Who is all knowing, all powerful, all loving is in control.

So if I want to live life to the fullest, I need to acknowledge who is really in control. Stop beating myself up when things go wrong, and patting myself on the back when things go well. God can handle it all.


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