Forget Me Not


I already wrote once about packing for a family with small children. But here I am again, and yet again I am astounded by the amount of stuff we need to bring. Last time we were gone for over a week, this time only 3 days. But the amount of stuff I am packing for a three day trip is amazing. There is the slight chance I am paranoid about being without something so I am overpacking. But still, between the diapers, bottles, wipes, diapers, burp cloth, etc. there is a lot needed to travel with babies and toddlers. I blissfully dream of the days when I only packed for 2 adult people…how I never appreciated how easy that was. Packing with kids is entertaining. They love to “help” me, but usually they put the stuff in the wrong bag or they end up pulling out things I just asked and handing them to me. Now I am off to load up the van and hope all our stuff for a three day trip fits.


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