Vacation Highlights


We went to San Diego this weekend to run in the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. We had a lot of fun…here are some of the highlights…

A truck piled about 10 feet high with random objects and furniture. Precariously balanced on top was a rocking horse, shaking in the wind.

Getting stuck in traffic for a baseball game and having to run, making it to the check in for the race 5 minutes before it closes.

Hanging out at the beach, eating cookies.

Finding a small small Italian restaurant located in between an adult shop and a bait shop….which was surprisingly delicious.

Sir Smiley, in his tiredness, mistaking a bus for an ambulance.

Getting up at 4:45 to jog 13.1 miles.

Walking to Sea World right after the race and meeting my parents and kids to wander around Sea World.

Having to get a wheelchair for me when my left knee swelled so bad I was hobbling along. It was a very relaxing way to see Sea World (albeit a bit embarrassing) Of course Sir Smiley wanders around carrying King Toot in the Moby like he had just been for a morning jog and was feeling great. (sickening really)

While eating lunch at Sea World, having a Sea Gull land on our table and grab some of my baby back ribs and then flying away.

Having another Sea Gull take off by our table and then pooping on Urpling as he flew away.

Falling asleep to the sounds of Urpling babbling at King Toot and King Toot cooing and squealing at Urpling. They had quite the conversation.

Now to pack up and head back home!

Oh and for those curious…I finished in 3:03:22. 15 minutes slower than last time, but not too had since I only had 3 months to train. I’ll do better next year!


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