Playing Favorites


There are parents who always seem to prefer one child to another. One kid forever living in the shadow of their sibling. This is NOT what I’m talking about! (my disclaimer before people get up in arms). Before I had kids, I vowed never to play favorites. But after having kids, I have discovered that I have favorites myself. The difference? It changes from phase to phase. Scratch that, it changes day to day, hour to hour. While the girls yell, poke and whine at each other, King Toot sits and smiles big baby smiles at me. At that moment, he is my favorite. King Toot sits and screams at me, wanting to play with his sisters and unable to crawl there yet. Urpling goes to him, hugs him, and plays with him until he calms down. Guess who my favorite is? Sasquatch can communicate what she’s feeling, and poops in a toilet. During the many hours of potty training, guess who my favorite is? Not only that, but my enjoyment in each child is different. Sasquatch loves to talk, wants conversation. Urpling loves to snuggle and hug. She wants physical touch more than anything. Already, King Toot prefers playfulness. Daddy is his absolute favorite. Anything you do to tease, poke or prod him leaves him giggling and smiling. I do not treat my kids exactly the same. It makes being fair sometimes difficult to achieve. But I love them all. So I do have favorites, just at different times and in different ways. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as they each have their shining moments and qualities.


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