So you’ve had a bad day…


This is one of those posts I write to make you feel better about yourself. Today marked the start of Vacation Bible School (or VBS). I had volunteered to teach the first graders. I was pretty excited at this as before I was dedicated to wiping the bottoms of my three small children, back in another life, I was a first grad teacher. Preparations took a little longer than expected yesterday, but I had all my lessons ready, supplies assembled and/or created and I was set to go. But then this morning hit. Getting the girls dressed and ready took much longer than expected. (looking back I now realize I didn’t even remember to brush their teeth *sigh). Starting to feel a bit rushed I get breakfast ready only to hear Urpling exclaim, “Uh oh” and realize she had dumped her cereal all over. Did I handle this with grace? Of course not. I spent much time exclaiming and growling about eating more carefully and other such admonishments. So pause, clean up mess and get her to finish breakfast and we are no longer a little late. Now we’re really late. I am also in a terrific mood. (queue sarcasm font here). Off I go to teach little children about the power and awesomeness of God, with a mood that resembles a raging typhoon. We get there about 3 minutes before it starts, and then wait in line to register my kid. (of course I didn’t preregister….that would be organized and helpful). Get my kids to their appropriate areas and take a few deep breaths to calm down. (that and venting to some of my friends helped tremendously). I even make it through the first lesson. In between lessons I use the restrooms only to emerge and discover Sir Smiley roaming the halls. Apparently King Toot had his six month appointment this morning which I totally forgot. Not only that, they had left a message LAST FRIDAY which I never checked but Sir Smiley did. Sir Smiley strode in as my knight in shining armor to rescue me and take the baby to the appointment. You know, instead of doing the homework he was trying to work on. So now I have yelled at my kids, shown up late to VBS which I had volunteered for, and made my husband skip homework today. Awesome. Finally make it through the morning, get home and start to make everyone lunch. Only to realize we had no more sandwich meat so Sir Smiley had to go eat fast food for lunch on his way to work (which he was running late for due to saving my butt at the dr office). Suffice it to say, this day is not turning out the way I planned. Tomorrow is a new day, thank heavens. Here’s to a new day that doesn’t make me feel like the worst mother and wife on the planet. Good thing God uses the weakest to do His will…otherwise those kids would have learned nothing!

Note: The rest of the day improved drastically. Went shopping without incident. Then the girls picked up the house without any prompting…I of course rewarded them with candy because I am not above bribery…


One thought on “So you’ve had a bad day…

  1. Oh Cutie what a rotten day! I had a crap day too yesterday, but nothing like yours! If it makes you feel any better, I NEVER seem to be capable of handling stressful situations like that with grace. Hoping today is better for you!

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