Ode to Poopy Diaper


I was wiping Urpling’s bottom yet again when it hit me…I have been changing diapers for about four and a half years. The end is not in sight. For something that consumes so much of my life, I figured it deserved a little recognition. So here it is…Ode to Poopy Diaper. (note : I had typed up sixteen lines of this poem when the program suddenly shut down and I lost it all. I almost cried. So this is attempt number 2…)

Poopy Diaper, with smells so strong
makes me think that there’s something wrong.
What did I feed the kids today,
that makes their feces smell this way?

Poopy diaper, often is brown
but other colors make me frown.
there is mustard yellow and green
that are grosser than Charlie Sheen
“When will it all end?” is my cry
Then, again, something smells awry.


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