I Love You…….Tube


For kicks and giggles, I am just linking a smorgasbord or my favorite YouTube videos. I spend way too much time watching mindless entertainment on You Tube. But I have come across some good ones that always make me laugh. If you have some favorites of your own…feel free to link them in the comment section. So here they are:

First up…this pretty much summarizes my feelings on a lot of this generation:

Everything is Amazing

This video I am partial to because it is my nephew…who is both hilarious and freakishly adorable:

Everyday He’s Shuffling

This video is hilarious….unintentionally. Unfortunately, I feel this is how many people view churches…

Jesus is a friend of mine

When I went on a summer missions project…we spent many hours watching Swedish chef clips..brings me back.

Bork Bork Bork

A few off color jokes…but my cousin introduced me to Achmed and I almost died laughing. True story.

Silence! I kill you!

These last ones are from Felicia Day. To say that I think she is awesome would be a massive understatement. The first video is in dedication to all my geek friends. The other two are in dedication to more specifically my gamer friends. Enjoy. Also, I would highly recommend any video involving Brian Regan. He’s fairly clean and hilarious. Pretty much anything you find with him is pure gold.

Gamer Girl

Game On

Date my Avatar


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