There’s No Place Like Home…So Why Leave?


This week our church had VBS, as I mentioned in Monday’s post. I also mentioned I had volunteered to teach. It was a blast, and my kids all had a blast, and so you think getting them out the door would be easy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned….I can never seem to get out of the house on time. I leave two hours to get ready (except the days I oversleep,which are more frequent than I care to admit) and somehow, my house becomes the center of a wormhole that sucks time away and suddenly we’re running late. Even on days nothing goes wrong. I am plugging along, getting everyone ready, feeling like the morning is going well, and then I look at the clock and realize I am already late and they girls haven’t finished breakfast yet. (I’m sure the grammar in that sentence was terrible, but I don’t feel like fixing it) I try to get the kids moving and out the door, but they never cooperate. Turtle Herding is what Rants From Mommyland calls it, and it is an apt description. You would think that if they are excited to go to VBS, talk about it nonstop, and constantly sing the songs (to the point of driving me insane) that they would be motivated to eat breakfast, get their shoes on, and get into the van as fast as they could. But no, they still move as though time were in slow motion or not moving at all (insert my wormhole theory again). Once this week I was actually going to be early….but as soon as I buckled the girls in, Urpling pooped. All in all, I keep getting up earlier and earlier and may hire a team of scientists to investigate my worm hole theory. But at least we all had fun at VBS. My kids learned a lot, we had fun with friends, and (I think) my lessons went well. I may not be on time, but I can still have fun! :).

A word of thanks for all of those who put up with my tardiness, watch my kids as I wander around looking for my iPod that turns out to be in my van, who help me clean up my room, play with my children, and overall are a huge blessing to me. I would say that instead of a village raising my children, I have a church and they are all awesome!


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