Work What You Got


We all want to look good when we are out and about. When you’re a parent, that becomes increasingly difficult. Today is a good example. Today I look a mess. We all went swimming this morning and due to various circumstances, I haven’t had time to change out of my swimsuit and spring dress that doesn’t fit quite right. My hair had a brush run through it briefly after exiting the pool this morning, but not since (just to give you an idea…my hair is very thick and it is very hot outside, so frizzy would be an understatement). Since it is about 110 degrees out and I have spent all day running around with three kids, I am a tad sweaty. I have some toothpaste flecks on my arm from brushing the kids teeth this morning that I didn’t notice until just now, some blue sucker goo on my dress, and spit up to go with it. Not the look I like to go for, but it is what it is.

But it doesn’t matter. I spent all day looking like this and not one person noticed (to my knowledge). Why do you ask? What’s my secret? Freakishly adorable kids. Urpling greeted every single person she saw and chatted with every cashier. Sasquatch shared stories with them and introduced her brother, who in turn would grin his big dimply grin. Everyone was charmed. I even had 5 Kohls workers hanging around chatting with my kids as I was purchasing some things. Work what you got, and I may not be the weight I want or be as clean as I wish, but I can work those three kids so no one notices. 😉


2 thoughts on “Work What You Got

    • Beauty can be well disguised when you have kids. ;). I often realize I have forgotten to brush my teeth or haven’t showered in a few days now that I have all these little ones running around.

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