Don’t ya know


My daughter is now approaching 3. She also now knows EVERYTHING. If you try to correct her, she will simply look at you and say, “No”. What’s funny is her expression and tone. She has the airs of someone patiently dealing with an idiot. She and her sister have gotten into many arguments because of this recently. Her sister, being 4, doesn’t go along with everything Urpling says. So, for example, yesterday Urpling was insisting her shirt was a dress. Sasquatch kept correcting her saying, “No, that’s a shirt!”. Urpling would respond, “No, dress!”. Sasquatch would then start crying (apparently four and a half is practice for puberty because Sasquatch has suddenly become emotionally unstable and very clingy). This also has made reading Urpling stories somewhat tricky. Today during story time, she kept correcting what I was reading. I read the word crown and Urpling responded, “No, hat”. A nightgown was actually a dress, and a coyote was a puppy. There is no convincing her otherwise. So I guess for this phase (or phases until Sasquatch reaches a more balanced emotional state). I will just have to deal with a lot of unnecessary correction, and a lot of crying…


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