Last night Sir Smiley and I went to a drum and bugle corps competition. It was amazing to watch, and it got us talking about what instruments our kids will play. It also got me wondering about the future of my kids. As such, there are a few confessions I must make. If I am completely honest, I will accept whatever road my kids take, but I harbor secret hopes for what I would like to see happen. Here is my list:

They will be geeks of some kind or another (between myself…the fantasy/sci-fi/gamer geek and my hubby the band geek I don’t think they have much of a choice).

They will be in band and/or choir…it makes you smart. Everyone knows that. But according to my husband they cannot play the flute. (he forgave me the evil of having played the flute myself for three months before quitting)

They will not be in the cool sports like basketball, football, volleyball. Track, swimming, cross country, lacrosse, rugby, etc are all acceptable.

No matter what college they go to, they will always know deep down that the Big Ten is really the only true conference to cheer for. Also, no matter how they may be doing, the Gophers are always supreme.

If they ever attempt to wear mini skirts, shirts that show their midriff, or anything that shows excessive amounts of flesh, those articles of clothing will be burned on a sacrificial altar to God.

They will not date until they are sixteen…and those who date them will have to pass a rigorous application process…(this is almost identical to the application my dad printed off and gave to me on my sixteenth birthday)

They will always come to me for help no matter what, and know I will love them no matter what

They will never drive a fancy car until they buy it themselves. If I still had the 89 Chevy Corsica, I would totally make them drive it.

They will not have a cell phone until they can drive. If they go somewhere overnight, they can borrow mine.

They will get married, and bear me many grandchildren. Possibly become rich and take care of me in my old age.

That covers most of my secret hopes for my kids. What about you?


4 thoughts on “Futurama

  1. Lol, ok your list looks significantly different than ours. They will hopefully play baseball or basketball (or, if those don’t pan out, I suppose I’ll agree to football or hockey) and become professional sports players, thereby making gobs and gobs of money so we can retire when we’re like 45.

    But I know we all truly hope our kids will love the Lord with all their heart, and the rest is inconsequential.

    Oh, by the way I loved the 89 Corsica comment! My kids will probably end up with cell phones before they can drive just because kids are getting them now when they’re like 5 years old. I’m thinking it might be a little tough to hold off all the way to 16, but I plan to make it until they’re 6 or 7 AT LEAST 😉

    Also, my boys are not allowed to wear mini skirts or midriffs either. Good call on that one.

    No impregnating any girls either.

    • I suppose I shouldn’t expect King Toot to bear me grandchildren either. I forget about the boy thing. Probably because he is still a baby, whereas the girls are both walking and talking and able to give me sass. It makes it easier to envision them as teenagers…

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