Road Rage


I hate traffic. I firmly believe that cars/trucks/vans are actually ego-amplifiers. If someone dares to pass you, it becomes a personal insult. Someone cuts you off and it’s a capital offense. Someone turns to slowly, blocks the left lane, or pulls out in front of you and it can drive you into a rage. I myself and guilty of this often. To release some frustration, I thought I would share some of my pet peeves on the road:

The dabbler – this is the person you are passing who will speed up as you start to pass, slow down when you give up and pull behind them, and so on and so on. They dabble in various speeds but can’t seem to pick a speed and actually commit to it.

The gabber/thumb acrobat – this is the person who almost swerves into you, stops suddenly, drives erratically. Why? Because they are either talking on their phone or even worse, texting. (There was of course the girl who stopped in the left lane of traffic on a six lane, busy street. When my hubby pulled up behind her to find out what was wrong, she told him she didn’t want to text and drive. At least her heart is in the right place.)

The Bedazzler – This is the car with a license plate that says something like “Princess” or “2hot4u” with all kinds of rhinestones all around it. Like they took and bedazzled their car to make it awesome. Although I find it obnoxious…not awesome. I must confess, I find myself instantly disliking them and have to say a few prayers to God to teach my heart better compassion and love for others. Even those with obnoxious, personalized license plates.

The race car driver – Maybe race car driver isn’t the best term. It implies an awareness of what’s going on around them. Maybe faux race car driver is a better term. They like to drive fast and swerve in and out of traffic, but usually never seem to notice the cars blocking their lane until they almost crash into them. Their decisions are usually nonsensical and so their speed rarely helps them.

The Gawker – This is the person who will stare at anything while their driving. A bird, a tree, car wreck, car on the side of the road. They usually drive very slowly, but they’re still unnerving as they are not watching where they are going. So they’ll still hit something that goes in front of them…just more slowly. (my hubby is guilty of this if there are any airplanes or helicopters flying above us)

The Drifter – This is the person who slowly starts to drift from their lane into another one. It looks almost accidental, and you wonder if they meant to merge or were surprised to realize they were now in a different lane.

All this aside…I am not a perfect driver. But carting kids around makes me a little more tense around these people. Needed a moment to vent. Better here than when I am behind the wheel. 😉


3 thoughts on “Road Rage

  1. The car brings out the worst in everyone. One of my pet peeves, the person who has to swerve to the left in order to make a right hand turn. Or the person who drives super slow in the left lane right up until a new lane forms and you’re finally able to pass them – then suddenly they want to go 100 mph.

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