Crawl like a baby


Before I had kids, my general impression was that crawling was something that was pretty much a given. All babies did it, and my impression was they crawled for a while. But then I had kids. Urpling, my middle child, seems to be the only one who followed the norm. But, then again, she crawled for so long that I never thought she would walk. I would have to carry her around her high school. (she did eventually walk, but not until around sixteen months).
Sasquatch hardly crawled. She waited until she was nine months old, and then crawled for a week. When she first started crawling, she did what we dubbed the wounded army crawl. Like in the war movies when someone gets shot in the leg and crawls to safety. One leg would push her along while the other dragged uselessly behind. After a week of crawling, she started walking. Well, running is a better word for it. What a relief, because until she was able to get around on her own she would scream bloody murder constantly out of pure frustration. She could see everything she wanted to do or see or taste or grab, but couldn’t reach. Once she was mobile, she got into EVERYTHING, but at least she stopped screaming.
Now I have King Toot. He’s almost seven months and shows only a little inclination towards crawling. He isn’t complacent or apathetic like Urpling, he’s just already found a way to get around. He can creep around in a circle until he’s aimed the right way, and then he barrel rolls to whatever he wants. It works well for him. Today he discovered that if a toy was just out of reach it was too much work to turn and roll. Now he walks his legs up to a plank and shoves the top half of his body forward, like a caterpillar. It’s fun to watch. If I manage to get a picture of this I’ll add it.
The older they get, the more fun I have seeing how different they are.


2 thoughts on “Crawl like a baby

  1. Yeah, Noah is perfectly content with the army crawl. Occasionally he gets on his hands and knees and tries to move forward, but immediately gives up and goes back to the army crawl. He’s FAST too, and he started doing it at 6 months. Elijah never made the slightest movement to even try crawling until after 9 months. Kids!

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