The Stone Age


I never fully grasped how dependent I have become on technology I didn’t even use when I was in high school or college. It’s amazing really. A series of unfortunate events led to a few missing items I usually don’t go without. Earlier this week, Sir Smiley left his cell phone in his running shorts, that looked very similar to his swim trunks. I then washed those shorts without checking the pockets. With some loud thumps in the washing machine, his phone died…never to turn back on. Then today I forgot my phone and Itouch at church (for the second week in a row. I’m either a ditz, or I have three small children that distract me often. I’m gonna go with the latter.) Combine this with my hubby forgetting to pay his license renewal, and we have an awkward situation. I was supposed to head to my parents house while Sir Smiley was at work. But now he couldn’t drive his car so I dropped him off at work. Then off to my parents. I wasn’t sure if he needed a ride back, and I realized that I had no way to contact him in order to find out if he needed a ride home tonight. He was in a car all day, so I had no phone number for him and all my parents phone numbers were in his now dead phone. I did make it home in time to get his phone call saying he had found a ride home. But the whole day I felt naked and weird not being able to just call my hubby whenever I felt like chatting or seeing how he was doing. I do wonder, what did I do before cell phones? Driving long distances without one, actually memorizing my friends’ and family’s phone numbers (I have Sir Smiley’s number memorized and that’s it. My sister is 4, Dad is 6, Mom is 7…that’s all I remember….), actually having to stay in the house to talk. It is weird how quickly I become dependent on technology, like a part of me almost.
My kids now try to tap computer screens to get programs running, instead of the mouse. That technology has changed so rapidly, they are beyond using a mouse and expect all technology to utilize touch screens. I remember using those green screen apple computers when I was almost in middle school. Racing the cat paws as I learned to type. Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, those were real games. I remember when my friends first got an Atari and I remember phones with cords. Our first cell phone was the size of a shoe box. After this week I have decided… I grew up in the stone age…


3 thoughts on “The Stone Age

    • I wondered if you would notice that! It was because your number used to end in seven and his six. So it’s how I remembered. This was back when I still bothered to memorize your numbers…

  1. Well, if it makes you feel better mom, you’re 7 on mine and dad is 9. Val is 5 and Bryan is 4. Haven’t gotten around to programming the rest…also, I have everyone’s numbers memorized! Probably because something similar happened to me and I couldn’t call anyone. Aren’t you proud of me??

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